7 Insulting Video Game Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are usually fun, but some of them are downright mean.
Here are seven of them

Chicken Hat - Metal Gear Solid V

In this tactical shooter, you get a lot of tools but none of them are as weird as the chicken hat. If you die in quick succession, you will get an option to wear this thing. It's kind of OP, in the sense it puts enemies to sleep when they notice you.
The game is designed to take a dig at you, as you're playing as a spec ops soldier from the comfort of your home. The game shows you menu messages that taunt you, like “do you feel like a hero yet?” and “if you were a better person, you wouldn't be here”.

Taunts - Spec Ops: The Line


Insulting Announcer - Wave Race: Blue Storm

If you try cheating in this game, the game's announcer will keep insulting you with taunts, making you feel like you aren't welcome. That's it, you play the game and the announcer makes fun of you.


Ninja Dog - Ninja Gaiden Black

This game is a classic, and so are the insults. If you die too many times, you get the option of getting in a “dog” mode. It softens up the game for you, gives you a pink bow and more importantly, you will no longer be a ninja master. Major insult vibes everywhere.


You're Dead Song - Total Distortion

This game loves to insult you, but the song by the “guitar warrior” is beyond insulting. If you die, it will play a two minute song making fun of you. Two minutes doesn't feel like a long time but in this one, it feels like an eternity.
You GIphy

Mean Sylvester Stallone - Demolition Man

Imagine Stallone saying “Hey, Puke Skywalker. Use the force!” whenever you die in a game. Yeah, this one hits you really hard, especially when kids laugh at you when you die. 
YouTube/Acclaim Entertainment

Sarcastic Jeff Goldblum -
The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum appears in a secret ending in this game when you collect all the DNA bonuses and play perfectly with ALL the characters. What does he do? Congratulate you of course, in the most sarcastic way possible! It sucks, especially after all the effort.
YouTube/Dreamworks Interactive

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