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7 Strange Misconceptions about gamers 

There are some misconceptions around gamers that need to be debunked.
Here are 7 of them
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Games aren't beneficial

This is something we gamers hear at some point in our lives, and we go like “have you even played games?” There are tons of games that are fun yet beneficial, like Kerbal Space Program, Civilization and FoldIt, which don't even have niche audiences.
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Yes, some games do get a bit gory at times, but so far, there's inconclusive research evidence on whether video games can make you violent. 

Video games make you violent

Can you fix the computer for me?

Uh, no? Just because some of us play games on the PC doesn't mean we are computer nerds and will know everything about them. 

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Gamers don't have friends

There's a notion that a person who games more frequently lacks a social life. We do have normal social lives and even a larger virtual, vibrant friend circle that's not restricted to a single location. 
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Video Games Aren't Actually a Career 

This couldn't be more wrong. Not just western but Indian streamers have shown us time and again that gaming could be taken up as a full-time profession, and if you're talking about game development, well that's a whole different world altogether. 
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Video games aren't art

There are years and years of preparation and skill that goes behind the art design of a game. It isn't a joke anymore. Open up any new title and you'll realise how beautiful things look. There's a reason why there's a separate BAFTA Games Awards.
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Video games are for kids

Really? Who are you kidding? 
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