Credit: YouTube/Cyberpunk 2077

Best Cybernetics in Cyberpunk 2077

Playing Cyberpunk without good cyberware is like eating cake without frosting — it's alright, but where's the fun?
Here are the best cybernetic implants that will make your Cyberpunk experience a whole lot better.
Credit: YouTube/Cyberpunk 2077

Mantis Blades – Arms

Mantis Blades are spring loaded knives which pop out of your forearms and make melee combat a breeze. Use it carefully though, as the finishing animation often leaves V vulnerable.

Gorilla Arms — Arms

Imagine dealing charged blows to your enemies, knocking their weapons down and even the ability to force open any door in your way. Yep, this implant lets you do all that. 
This is one of the simplest yet the most OP cyberware in the game as it lets you autoaim on enemies. That's right, no mods, no hacks, just a simple implant at a ripperdoc and you're titanium. 

Smart Link — Arms

Reinforced Tendons – Legs

This one unlocks one of the game's best moves: the Double Jump. Unlike a lot of the upgrades, there's no rarity tiers to this cyberware. 

Heal-On-Kill – Frontal Cortex

Installed in your brain, it instantly restores 10% of your health every time you get a kill. Combined with a strong ranged weapon, this makes you feel invincible in missions that require you to clear out a parameter.

Titanium Bones – Skeleton

Given the amount of crap you collect over the course of the game and the fact that you've limited carrying capacity, this upgrade is a boon because it lets you carry 60% more stuff without slowing down. 

Biomonitor – Circulatory System

This upgrade gives V and instant health boost whenever their health drops below 15 per cent. It is awesome, because using health packs is dicey in low-health, close combat situations as they have animations that slow you down.

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Credit: YouTube/Cyberpunk 2077