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Best Games of 2020

Despite the difficult circumstances, 2020 was a remarkable year for the gaming community. And so here are the best games of the year. 
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Best Battle Royale:
Call of Duty: Warzone 

Warzone was launched early in 2020 with major bugs, but it got a whole lot better. It's got fantastic graphics and SFX, game modes change every month and it boasts a very competitive online community. 
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Best Mobile Game:
Genshin Impact

This fantasy open world takes a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, but it's a unique game in itself with great mobile gameplay and graphics. The open world of Tevyat is also a sight to behold.   
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Although some hardcore Half-Life fans were disappointed with a VR addition in the franchise, the game infused elements of the survival horror genre, making it pretty interesting to play.

Best VR Game: Half-Life: Alyx

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Best Indie Game: Hades

Hades is a rogue-like game with artistic graphics, amazing sound design and, more importantly, a story that is deeply linked to the gameplay mechanics. It has that endless charm that compels you to play for ?one more hour please!'

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Best Storytelling Game: The Last of Us: Part II 

This game looks nothing short of stunning and explores vengeance, tribalism, and the gray areas of morality. You develop a strong bond with the characters in the game, which is the hallmark of great storytelling.
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Best RPG: Demon's Souls

This 2020 remake of the 2009 game will get you fuming due to its difficulty. But given the resurrective nature of the game, it teaches you resilience, the key virtue that was required to survive 2020.
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Game of the Year -
The Ghost of Tsushima

This game has cinematic visuals, an awesome storyline , a breathtaking open-world and an innovative gameplay. So, it's not difficult to see why this game takes the cake. Do not miss this one if you have a PS4 or PS5!
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