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Our Guide to GTA 5 Weapons

GTA 5 online revolves around guns, and in order to have a good time, you'll need to have an understanding of the best weapons in the game. Here is a quick guide.
Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games

Best pistol - AP Pistol

The AP Pistol is, pound for pound, the best-in-class weapon, purely based on its full-auto firing mode. It is also one of the few only full-auto weapons that can be fired from cars.

Best Machine Gun - MG

This gun unlocks at rank 50, but is totally worth it when you need more ammo and the ability to pummel down enemies. Before rank 50, you can consider using Micro SMG and once you reach Level 80, upgrade to Combat MG. 
You'll mostly be using this for most combat situations. Fully tricked out it's a devastating gun, a truly multi-role weapon capable of the toughest jobs that has no problem scoring head-shots at range.

Best Assault Rifle - Special Carbine Mk II

Best Sniper Rifle - Heavy Sniper Mk II

This one unlocks at rank 90, and till then you only get to use the stock Sniper Rifle. But once you unlock it, it is one of the best weapons in the game and it's very satisfying to use. 

Best Shotgun - Assault Shotgun

This beast of a gun has a 32-round extended clip and fires full-auto and is excellent at chomping down enemies at a short range. 

Best Heavy Weapon - Minigun

This is a great early-game weapon. It has ricochet functionality as well as thermal damage, increased bullet impact and reduced spread. 

Best Thrown Weapon - Grenade

The thrown weapons in GTA 5 vary in role, so you'll need to swap them out depending on what you're doing. The humble grenade is a staple, but if you're blowing up vehicles consider stickies too. 

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Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games