Shortcuts for
Windows 10
to make you more productive

The [Windows] key on your keyboard can do a lot more than just pull up the Start Menu.

Image credit: Corsair

Press [Windows]+[Shift]+[S] to capture a specific part of your screen, which you can paste into any app.

Screenshot clipper

When enabled from the settings, [Windows]+[V] will bring up a panel with previously copied text or images.

Clipboard History

The Game Bar lets you adjust audio levels, check system usage, and chat with friends. Just hit [Windows]+[G].

Windows 10 Game bar

Get quick access to Windows settings and management features through the [Windows]+[X] menu.

Power Menu

Simply talk instead of typing. With your cursor in any text field, hit [Windows]+[H] and begin dictating.

Voice dictation

Quickly cycle through options for a projector or second monitor by holding [Windows] and tapping [P].

Manage projectors

Whenever you want to use an emoji, emoticon or symbol, press [Windows]+[.] no matter what app is open. 😂😁🍕

Emoji keyboard

The [Windows]+[+] shortcut will immediately magnify your screen, which can make things easier to see.

Windows magnifier

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