The best tips for  Buying a new laptop

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Buying online might be tempting, but you should try to get some hands-on experience with models you like.

Image Credit: Piqsels

Consider the size and weight of a laptop plus its charger if you'll be carrying it around every day.

You'll probably depend on your laptop every day to get work done, so try out the keyboard and trackpad in person.

Keyboard and trackpad

A keyboard should be crisp and satisfying to type on, and keys should all be in the right place. 

A trackpad needs to be smooth, accurate, and responsive to your style of touch.

Some thin laptops don't have full-sized USB ports, HDMI, or an SD card slot, so decide what you can live without.

Ports and connections

Charging through a USB Type-C port, a fingerprint sensor, HDR screen, and built-in 4G are all convenient 

Modern features

4K is overkill for work but good for movies. Tip: the screen shouldn't be too reflective or seem washed-out. 

Screen quality

Laptops with SSDs feel much faster  in everyday use. You don't get as much storage space, but it's worth it.

SSD vs Hard Drive

Many slim laptops don't let you upgrade the RAM or storage, so do consider future needs at the time of purchase.


Many brands and dealers will throw in a backpack or sleeve, and maybe a mouse or some useful software. 


Finally, make sure that your laptop matches your personal style! There are lots of choices, so look around.


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