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We've all mastered working from home in the last few months, but sometimes you need to meet your colleagues — or at least see them!

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As you know, there are a lot of ways to hold a video meeting, including simple tools like WhatsApp and FaceTime. 

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But when you need to share your screen or have a discussion in chat while continuing the call, you need something a little more specialised. 

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Zoom is the default video solution most of us have been using since February and it's easy to use and reliable too. 

Cisco WebEx was the most well known business solution for video and it's still a leading choice. 

Google Meet is great if you're using Google at work, as it picks up meetings from your calendar. 

Microsoft Teams is another great option, with team chat, calendars, voice and video calls all bundled together. 

Discord is mostly used by gamers, but it has robust and reliable infrastructure, and is free for up to 50 people at the same time. 

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