what is a gaming laptop?

These devices are defined by powerful hardware and design that makes a style statement.

CPU and GPU power

Gaming performance is largely dependent on the GPU and CPU, so expect pricey top-end specs.

Image credit: Asus

gamer style

Gaming products tend to look aggressive, with sharp lines and animal or military motifs.

Bright lights

Lots of gaming laptops use red accents or multicolour RGB lighting effects for style.

Video credit: Dell

Not very portable

While portable gaming laptops do exist, the most powerful ones aren't going to be slim or light.

Image credit: Asus

Not just for gamers

Many power users, especially content creators, can work better on powerful gaming laptops.

Optimised displays

Many gaming laptops have high refresh rate or variable refresh rate screens for smooth visuals.

Video credit: MSI

Storage and memory

For the best performance, you should check the speed and type of RAM and SSD supplied.

Image credit: Asus

Keyboard quality

Since slimness isn't a priority, you can usually get a deep, well laid-out, comfortable keyboard

Image credit: HP


You can expect lots of high-speed USB ports, plus display outputs for monitors and VR headsets.

heavy-duty cooling

For games to run well, the CPU and GPU stay at full speed, and need sustained cooling.

Video credit: MSI

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