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iPhone/iPad good as a source, or get a streamer?

This is probably a dumb question with a simple answer I’m just missing, but here goes. I’m currently using my iPhone and iPad wired with a Camera Adapter to my DAC via Qobuz in my headphone setup and it sounds good, but I’ve wondered if using a streamer (on the level of an Optical Rendu or Innuos Zen Mk3) would be better as it’d be plugged directly into the router. I’d assume the latter would be better given the wired connection vs. WiFi, but wondering if anyone has compared that to connecting an iPhone/iPad directly to a DAC? Location isn’t a huge deal since I’m in close proximity to my router anyway. Thanks for any thoughts/experience/suggestions.
By Aadesh Pandey
Posted On: Feb 06, 2021 12:25 PM
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