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15 Aug, 2015
So, I wanted to create a thread to tell people that I'm back but there is no option in the dropdown menu to choose from categories PS: Did you guys miss me?
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22 May, 2015
Yes, this is vulnerable to DDoS, I rekt this site in like 1.5 sec., use CloudFlare to fix this or make me a dev., I'll patch up everything. PS: I'm getting l33tishness back in my language, such l33t, such wow LOL.
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21 May, 2015
I'm number two currently in here, and I hope to be number one soon, see it here: http://forum.gadgets.ndtv.com/users?period=all And I hope you guys like my post and stuff and guess what? I'm gonna open a site myself soon by the end of this month
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13 Replies Last update 22 May, 2015
I have two questions for you guys, who is the administrator of this forum and which forum script is being used?
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4 Replies Last update 05 Dec, 2014
I want to head back to "all categories" after posting on a thread but all I can do is go one level up (category of the thread). How do I head to "all categories" from a thread directly?
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