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09 Oct, 2021
Hi, I'm planning to replace my laptop with a tablet. My usage would mostly be intense web browsing, watching videos, occasional gaming. Please suggest me which one I should go for. Budget is around INR 20000
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30 May, 2021
Today somehow the tablet turned black and after few minutes pressing random button, I saw the screen showed " Now send the package you want to apply to the device with "abd sideload "... I tried to reset it by hitting the reset button, volume button, trying take out the battery but no luck. Im first year in college and learned little bit java so I just downloaded the andriod studio to have the adb in order to reset the table. I am not sure how to do it to be honest.. Thank you for all advicesThis is Leveno Tablet tab a8
23 Mar, 2021
I want to buy a Tablet with office 365 and Microsoft team server which is good for audio/video calling too, Please recommend those available in India below Rs. 20,000?
10 Dec, 2020
The Samsung a 10 looks really nice but I think its either WiFi or LTE only, I need a tablet with both for the same price range. IPad is a last resort since we don't have any apple products.
10 Jun, 2020
I want to ask that which tablet is more preferable a 4G or a Wifi , in terms of sustainability and smoothness in working. consider Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite tablet.
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