Unicorn: Chasing the Startup Dream

The world of startups is a fascinating place, made up of headlines of billion-dollar funding and 16-year-old school drop-outs disrupting businesses that have been around for 50 years. But that's one side. The other side is about chaos, mayhem, disappointment and the fact that for every company that will make it, millions will fail.

In the first episode of Unicorn, we embark on an exciting quest to delve into the world of startups. We introduce you to the young founders who are still testing the risks of their gambles and we'll also meet those that have already done it all, and become global success stories.

We'll try and unearth the next big thing, the next big billion-dollar idea and the next new unicorn. And in this episode, we'll try and find out if a juice or a language app can be worth a billion dollars? So keep watching.


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