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Legends of Tomorrow Season 1

Action Adventure Comedy Drama Sci-Fi Superhero
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2016 Season 1 English 18+
The time-travelling rogue Rip Hunter must bring together an unlikely team of heroes as well as villains to prevent a destructive event which would not only destroy the planet, but all of time as well.
  • Release Date in India 22 January 2016
  • Release Date in US 21 January 2016
  • Language English
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Superhero
  • Creator Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Phil Klemmer
  • Director
    Glen Winter, Dermott Downs, Antonio Negret, Steve Shill, Gregory Smith, Joe Dante, John F. Showalter, David Geddes, Thor Freudenthal, Rachel Talalay, Alice Troughton, Olatunde Osunsanmi
  • Writer
    Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, Phil Klemmer, Chris Fedak, Sarah Nicole Jones, Beth Schwartz, Grainne Godfree, Ray Utarnachitt, Anderson Mackenzie, Cortney Norris, Matthew Maala
  • Cinematography David Geddes, Mahlon Todd Williams, Richard Buckmaster,
  • Producer
    Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer, Sarah Schechter, Marc Guggenheim, Keto Shimizu, Andrew Kreisberg, Chris Fedak
  • Music Director Blake Neely
  • Production
    Berlanti Productions, Bonanza Productions, DC Entertainment
  • Episodes 16
  • Certificate 18+
  • Cast
    Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Arthur Darvill, Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh, Ciara Renée, Falk Hentschel, Amy Pemberton, Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller

About Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 TV Series

Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) is a rogue time-traveller from the future who is fully aware of the threat that immortal Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) is, given that he wouldn’t hesitate in going to any extent to gain dominion over the entire world.

Rip must bring together a disparate team of superheroes as well as villains to prevent the impending destruction of not only Earth but all of time, at the hands of Savage. 

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 TV Series Cast, Episodes, Release Date, Trailer and Ratings

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 TV Series Cast, Episodes, Release Date, Trailer and Ratings

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1
Episodes (16)
  • Pilot: Part One
    44min 44min
    Pilot: Part One
    Release Date: 21 January 2016
  • Pilot: Part Two
    42min 42min
    Pilot: Part Two
    Release Date: 28 January 2016
  • Blood Ties
    42min 42min
    Blood Ties
    Release Date: 4 February 2016
  • White Knights
    42min 42min
    White Knights
    Release Date: 11 February 2016
  • Fail-Safe
    42min 42min
    Release Date: 18 February 2016
  • Star City 2046
    42min 42min
    Star City 2046
    Release Date: 25 February 2016
  • Marooned
    42min 42min
    Release Date: 3 March 2016
  • Night of the Hawk
    42min 42min
    Night of the Hawk
    Release Date: 10 March 2016
  • Left Behind
    42min 42min
    Left Behind
    Release Date: 31 March 2016
  • Progeny
    42min 42min
    Release Date: 7 April 2016
  • The Magnificent Eight
    42min 42min
    The Magnificent Eight
    Release Date: 14 April 2016
  • Last Refuge
    42min 42min
    Last Refuge
    Release Date: 21 April 2016
  • Leviathan
    42min 42min
    Release Date: 28 April 2016
  • River of Time
    42min 42min
    River of Time
    Release Date: 5 May 2016
  • Destiny
    42min 42min
    Release Date: 12 May 2016
  • Legendary
    43min 43min
    Release Date: 19 May 2016
Rating Rating 6.8/10
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Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 TV Series Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 TV Series Songs

1. London 2166 / Set a Course Blake Neely 2:51
2. You Are Legends Blake Neely 2:47
3. Boarding the Waverider / Back in Time Blake Neely 2:41
4. The Lie Blake Neely 2:31
5. Nuclear Missile Sale Blake Neely 3:16
6. Destinies Blake Neely 3:43
7. Atom Goes Inside to Save Kendra Blake Neely 1:46
8. Leonard Goes Home Blake Neely 2:07
9. Time Masters Offer a Deal Blake Neely 1:58
10. Russian Problems Blake Neely 3:30
11. Broken Oath for Love Blake Neely 2:49
12. Rory Betrays, Snart Handles Him Blake Neely 2:07
13. Things Get Batty / Left Behind Blake Neely 2:49
14. They're Not Coming Back Blake Neely 1:53
15. Rescuing Sara from Nanda Parbat Blake Neely 2:44
16. Tale of Oedipus Rex / The Hunters Are Coming Blake Neely 3:14
17. The Magnificent Eight Blake Neely 4:16
18. Enter the Pilgrim / Rip's Revenge Blake Neely 3:15
19. Jax Meets His Father / Mick Meets Himself Blake Neely 3:03
20. Hawkgirl Fights Savage, Atom Fights Leviathan Blake Neely 2:59
21. Martin Sends Jefferson Away Blake Neely 2:06
22. Escape the Time Masters Blake Neely 4:38
23. At the Oculus / Cold Hard Sacrifice Blake Neely 3:13
24. Time Is Unmoored Blake Neely 2:00
25. Savage Meteoritual Fight Blake Neely 3:12
26. Sacrificial Trip to the Sun Blake Neely 2:53
27. Who's Up for More? Blake Neely 2:21
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