10 Tips to Help You Master Alto's Odyssey

10 Tips to Help You Master Alto's Odyssey
  • Alto's Odyssey retains many of the core features of Alto’s Adventure
  • This game introduces a new trick called wall ride
  • Escaping lemurs is quite tricky, until you read this guide

Alto’s Odyssey is a new endless sandboarding game from the makers of Alto’s Adventure. We’ve been playing the game for quite some time now, and we’re sure a bunch of you have questions about the game that you need answered. That’s why we decided to compile this list of tips and tricks for every Alto’s Odyssey player out there. Here are our top 10 tips for the game, without any spoilers.

How Team Alto Designed Alto's Odyssey to Be a 'New Experience in the Same Universe'

1. Alto’s Adventure skills will help you
Alto’s Odyssey is a new game but many of the skills you learnt while playing Alto’s Adventure will serve you well here. There are new environmental elements such as balloons for you to take into account while attempting big trick combos, but these only make it easier to land huge combos. If you’re a skilled Adventure player, Odyssey is easy to jump into.

2. Backflip all the way
Backflipping in Alto’s Odyssey is the easiest and most important trick. It gives you only 10 points but it will help you increase speed, chain your combos, and evade lemurs. This is the most important trick you need to master.


3. Maya is still the best early game character
Maya lacks speed but she makes up for it through enhanced agility. She can land backflips really quickly and that means more room for combos. You unlock her at level 11 and you can stick with her till level 51, when you’ll unlock the best character in the game.

4. Buy items from the workshop
Just like Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey has a workshop where you can buy items using in-game coins. These coins can be collected while you play the game and there are no in-app purchases with real currency. Start by maxing out the Coin Magnet so you can collect more coins using that item. Then you want to purchase the Wingsuit to start flying!

5. Wingsuit is amazing as ever
Why sandboard when you can fly, or at least float? The Wingsuit in Alto’s Odyssey lets you do just that, much like the last game. Land lots of tricks to maximise the length of your scarf. Once it starts glowing, your Wingsuit will be activated and you’ll see its icon on the left side of the screen. Tap that to activate the Wingsuit but do so when you’re in the middle of a trick combo and want to extend it. You can also fly close to the ground to increase your trick score fast.

6. Master the Wall Ride
Wall Ride is a new trick added in Alto’s Odyssey. Mastering this can be the difference between a fantastic long run and a quick trip down the nearest chasm. It takes time to get this right but if you do, it can save your skin in the game more than once. First, be sure to build up some speed by landing tricks — this is a rule of thumb that will serve you well in almost all situations in Alto’s Odyssey. Once you reach the base of the wall, tap and hold the screen to start wall riding. Release just before you reach the end to end the Wall Ride with a Wall Jump trick. It sounds simple but takes time to get used to.

altos odyssey speed downhill Altos Odyssey

7. Bounce your way out of trouble
Rock Bounce is an incredibly difficult trick to land because rocks are relatively tiny and landing on them is difficult. Alto’s Odyssey generously provides balloons to allow you to keep those backflip combos going. There are multiple occasions when a balloon will rise out of a chasm to save you from certain doom and they also appear when you fly off a cliff sometimes. Keep backflipping to chain your tricks together.

8. Go for a Pool Swim
You’ll see lots of water streams in the Temples location in Alto’s Odyssey. Some of these end in a pond and you’ll quickly realise that these are similar to balloons as they let you continue your tricks and cushion your falls. Keep backflipping while you’re landing in the pool of water and even if you land headfirst, your character will bounce out and the trick chain will continue.

9. How to escape lemurs
Lemurs appear after the 2km mark in Alto’s Odyssey and they start chasing your character in the game. They’re quite speedy, andthey can catch up with you - particularly while you’re trying the grind trick. To avoid them, keep landing tricks to increase your speed. When you are on a grind, instead of staying on the rope, try and land a backflip or two. This keeps lemurs at bay for a little while longer and hopefully you’ll cross a chasm before too long to get rid of them for good.

10. Watch the vines
Vine Grinds are perhaps the most frustrating of all grind tricks in Alto’s Odyssey. Vines snap if you stay on them for too long so vine grinds hardly ever feel satisfying. To continue your chain of tricks, jump on to the next vine before you reach the halfway point on the first one.

Alto’s Odyssey is all about discovering new things and we’re sure you will find more tricks in this game. Which are your favourite tips and tricks? Got any more questions? Let us know via the comments, or click the Twitter icon below to tweet them at the author.

Alto’s Odyssey is available on the App Store for Rs. 399 ($3.99 in the US).

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