iPhone 15 and Spigen Accessories: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

In this article, you can find the perfect accessory for your all-new iPhone 15 from the house of Spigen.

iPhone 15 and Spigen Accessories: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

Apple's all-new iPhone 15 series has once again set the tech world abuzz. With four impressive models – the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max – it's clear that Apple is pushing the envelope. If you're among the eager fans planning to get your hands on one, that trilling moment of unboxing will also bring a moment of pause: How do you best protect this premium device?

Enters Spigen - a global leader in selling Apple accessories, and it surely never is a brand to do things by halves. The all-new range of iPhone 15 accessories by Spigen aims to elevate user experience.

After all, it's more than just about protective gear; it's about enhancing your phone's journey. With Spigen, you're not merely safeguarding your latest Apple device but complimenting its refined design and ensuring the mobile experience is seamless.

Why Spigen is the Perfect Match for Your iPhone 15?

Unmatched Protection: With the iPhone 15's technological advancements, it's only fitting to pair it with an equally advanced protector.

Beyond Just Cases: Spigen embraces the entire range of mobile life, covering everything from cases to chargers.

Commitment to Quality: Every Spigen product tells us about its dedication to enhancing lives with intelligent, beautiful designs.

A Fusion of Tradition and Trend: Spigen brings both their best-selling designs and nostalgic classics back for the iPhone 15, ensuring every style preference is catered to.

Complete Mobile Experience: With Spigen, you're investing in an all-rounded mobile journey where every touch, charge, and accessory moment is optimised.

Spigen's MagFit Lineup: More than Just Cases, It's a Statement

Whether you're in a business meeting or at a weekend gathering, the accessories you pair with your phone tell a story about you. With Spigen's MagFit collection, the narrative is crystal clear: it's about combining elegance and practicality in every situation.

Ultra Hybrid MagFit (Zero One): Think of it as a window to your iPhone 15 Pro's soul. The Zero One isn't just a case; it's a canvas of creativity. It's where innovation meets art. The Zero One brings its own unique design to the table, ensuring that while your iPhone 15 Pro is protected, it's also making a style statement like no other. Beyond the aesthetics, Air Cushion Technology and a durable hybrid build promise uncompromising protection. And with its integrated magnet, it aligns perfectly with MagSafe products, ensuring both safety and style. With each look, you'll appreciate the design brilliance, tailored just for you.

Tough Armor MagFit (Black): Some people scale mountains, and some love exploring the jungles. For adventurers of all types, this case is like armour – sturdy yet stylish, and there's also a built-in kickstand that's the cherry on top.

Classic C1 MagFit (Bondi Blue): Fashion often circles back, and Spigen's tribute to the iconic Apple iMac G3 while designing Classic C1 MagFit shows just that. It blends old-style appeal with today's tech needs, offering a perfect mix of past and present.

OneTap Pro 3 MagFit Car Mount: Redefining Road Trips

No more juggling between charging and driving. Spigen's OneTap Pro 3 MagFit Car Mount turns every trip into a seamless experience:

Snap and Drive: Your iPhone connects effortlessly, thanks to powerful magnets. Just snap it in place and hit the road with confidence.

Power-Packed Charging: Whether it's a long road trip, a daily run to the office, or a quick task, enjoy uninterrupted music and clear navigation with 15W of robust charging. Plus, it's MFM (Made for MagSafe) certified for that added assurance.

Adapts to You: Need a change in view? Easily rotate and adjust to your liking, making sure it's always at the right angle, whether you're navigating or watching a video while waiting.

Expert Advice: For a fast charging experience, team it up with a USB-C Power Adapter of 20W or more.

Mag Armor MagFit: Cool Look, Smart Design


The Mag Armor MagFit from Spigen is not just a case; it's your iPhone's new favourite outfit. It's a blend of style and great looks.

Fresh Look: The back features a unique chevron pattern that subtly changes its look depending on the light. You have colour options too, either Matte Black or Navy Blue. This case gives your phone a fresh and modern appearance that stands out.

Strong Magnet: Have issues aligning your phone with chargers or stands? This case makes it easy. Its strong magnet helps MagSafe products fit quickly and stay in place.

Apple Ecosystem Essentials: Gear Up Every Device



For Your Apple Tablet

Rugged Armor Pro (Black)

Be pro-ready with this case for your iPad. With a smooth matte black finish and sharp carbon fibre details, it's all about style and toughness. Need hands-free? The little kickstand has got you. Watch, sketch, or write without holding your iPad. And yes, it's Apple Pencil-friendly.

Air Skin Pro (Gray)

This cover has it all. Soft vegan Velo leather up front, a handy magnetic pen holder, and a smart stand. The magnetic cover? It's versatile. Use it as a stand or pencil holder, or take it off. It's super light but has corner bumpers for safety. And yes, it's smart – open to wake your iPad Pro, close to sleep.

For Your Apple TWS

Lock Fit M Starlight

Don't worry about losing your AirPods Pro. Lock them up with the Lock Fit M. It's main job? Keep those earphones safe and snug. Installing is a breeze with the EZ Fit Tray. You can open the case when you want with a push button. Plus, it's sleek and comes with a wrist strap.

For Your Apple Watch
Rugged Armor Pro Case & Strap

Made for the Apple Watch Ultra 2, it fits both the Ultra 2 and Ultra, with their 49mm cases. It keeps everyday scratches away with its flexible, shock-absorbent layer. It has an adjustable wristband and a secure metal clasp. The carbon fibre touches and raised edges give it a classy, protective look.

Lite Fit Ultra Loop Band

Slide on the Lite Fit Ultra Band for your Apple Watch and feel its lightweight charm. It fits tightly on any wrist, and the simple design adds class to any outfit. It is easy to put on and take off. Wear it all day and flaunt your style.

EZ Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Safeguard Your Screen with Precision