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OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord mobile with 6.44-inch 1080x2400 display powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor alongside 12GB of RAM and 48-megapixel + 8-megapixel + 5-megapixel + 2-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Op phone onepluss zeher phone
    Harish Kumar (Jul 24, 2020) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Sabse sasta 5 g phone my fav phone
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  • One Plus Review After one week
    Lalit Kumar (Aug 28, 2020) on Gadgets 360
    Pros.1 great performance 2.5g enabled 3.Oxygen 10 one plus system 4. Fast charging, will take 35 min to fully charge your phone Cons.1 Camera Quality is poor and don,t justify 48 MP title. tranfer rate from laptop to mobile is very less. 3. 4300 power battery just last in a day with normal usage
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  • phonr blinking , bettry draining , hanging
    Preeti Sheth (Mar 23, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    west of 30000 rs .... inko lagta he ye norml chiz he aam aadmi pesa jama k phone leta he ek hi din me itne issue aate he fir bhi unke service center k hisab se koi prob nai he phone me service center ka kehna he customer care me call karo vaha call karte he to bolte he service centre valo ka ye pro he bettry drainning , phone blinking , hanging n all things are norml for them
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  • Worth being in a trash can.
    Siham Merchant (Feb 25, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    Keep's hanging. starts vibrating on its own. Does not work properly. Battery life is very bad. Does not give the 90hz refresh rate. Opens up any app. Force quits application on its own.
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  • Perfect Product
    Gyanendra Kumar (May 5, 2021) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    This is good product
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  • Awesome phone
    Vishnu Kashaudhan (Apr 24, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    Ye Jo bhi log phone ke baare me galat likh rahe hai.wo sab jhooth hai phone me koi problem nahi hai.
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  • Worth every single penny
    Doraemon's Dad (Apr 8, 2021) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    As an Indian,I hate Chinese products.But Oneplus made me rethink my perception.It is the most reliable and secure chinese smartphone maker unlike xiaomi,Redmi,oppo or vivo.For a 29,999 smartphone it has it all surprisingly.
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  • During conversations on the phone - getting muted
    Parimala Aravindan (May 13, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    while talking to friends for a long duration, if you are not conscious, it is getting muted. how do we avoid this.
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  • bad service facility for the mobile-Oneplus CE 5G
    Shilpi Gupta (Aug 30, 2022) on Gadgets 360
    The Mobile is good but from the time the display of my mobile broke down I am having a tough time getting it repaired. There are no proper service centers and in those service centers also parts are not available. They are asking for the submission of mobile phones for 15 to 20 days which again is another issue.
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  • Average performance one +Nord
    Pradeep KP (Nov 13, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    Battery is pretty much poor and average performance, value for money measures poorly.
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  • Not worth for this value
    Hitesh Surana (Jun 1, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    After use of 2 days battery is not enough to use it for one day, if you delete 4 pics it takes aprx 10-15 seconds to delete photos so speed is very slow.. so comparing with demand it's not that much good phone any1 can try other brands for good battery life in this range...
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  • One Plus 10T - No warranty from ONEPLUS
    Mohit (May 9, 2023) on Gadgets 360
    Worst experience with One plus 10T service centre and they warranty policy. They donot anything under warranty. Charging cable lead pin got damaged due to over heating and service centre rejected the claim. Also we have to visit 2-3 times even when claim is rejected. HUMBLE REQUEST TO ALL NOT TO PURCHASE ONEPLUS
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  • Worst mobile company
    ABHINAV KANAGARLA (May 9, 2023) on Gadgets 360
    I strongly suggest not to buy any OnePlus mobile.. because easily it comes repair and cost to repair even for minor damages is half of the initial price.. I purchased mobile for 30000/- not suddenly green line appears and service centre is saying you have to change the disy.. Now cost of display is 14793/- Very very bad service..never purchase this Mobile
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  • Charging cable
    Ankit Gosai (Apr 7, 2023) on Gadgets 360
    Donot exchange services verry bad policy
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  • No reason for that
    Dhaya Nandhan (Mar 19, 2022) on Gadgets 360
    No no need
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  • OnePlus n10 video call Camara very very bad
    Thoushique N (Nov 26, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    OnePlus n10 video call Camara very bad experience ...I can't give single star also for OnePlus n10. Not only WhatsApp video call...all video call application same very bad clarity. Not only my phone all OnePlus n10 phone same issues... anyway very bad experience with OnePlus n10
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    Vish Sorathiya (Oct 28, 2021) on Gadgets 360
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  • Pathetic product after sale
    Anand Nautiyal (Oct 13, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    Don't waste your hard earned money. They have the worst after sale service. My one plus nord 2 screen broke within 1 month of purchase. And after submitting it for repair it has been 1 month anf I am still waiting for my phone to be delivered back to me. When I call the customer care and they are not able to give me the present status of my phone repair I ask them to transfer the call to some person in authority they totally reject my request and everyday tell me that the phone will be delivered today. I have been waiting for 1 month now. Just don't go for it.
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  • Display problem
    Sapna Kamboj (Sep 16, 2021) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    6 months ke baad achank hi display problem ho gi even na to set niche gira na hi kisi tra se pressure pda to phone care me set bhejne pr khte h ki that planty is urs so totally disapointed from them
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  • Heating problem
    Sangita Bhalerao (Aug 14, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    I have being facing heating problem since I have buy this phone I complaint twice and they just format my phone and given by saying we have repaired but still my phone having same heating issue I'm very disappointed with this product still they are not responding and customer service is bad and awaiting frustrating I will never recommend this product to any one
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  • one plust nord bettry issues
    Preeti Sheth (Mar 23, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    i request you all do not buy this product ... phone karid k ghar aane k 2/3 ghante me hi phone ki bettry drain hone lagi hm onepluse k service center me gaye or unlog ne replace karne se bhi mana kiya koi supprot nai mila compny ki or se or unke samne dikhaya unko 10 min me wtsaap o4 snapchat use karne se 6% bettry utar gai is hisab se chala to 1 1 ghante me phone charge karna padega or service center valo ka kehna he ye norml he mene is se pehle bhi phone use kiya he kabhi kisi phone me ye prob nai aya orye phone me prob phone lene k turnt bad aya fir bhi manane ko tyar nai he pls do not buy oneplus nord
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  • Onepuls Nord 5G earphone issue
    Hitesh Dhariya (Jan 17, 2021) on Gadgets 360
    In this one plus Nord 5G supported pic 1) once I'm calling anyone in any number earphone is not working.I always open the speaker mode and then I am talking there is a lots of issue in oneplus nord. also the call recorded facility is not proper. I am staying in ruler area but there is no service centre in rural area so I can going to the Thane kapurbawdi office service centre they give me a mobile repair on 5 minutes and they said there is a magnetic field in earphone so there is a lot of dust if there and again I have come to my native place third day I have facing the same problem. 2) pathetic service giving a service centre
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  • OnePlus Nord Brand h yrr
    Aasim Ali (Jul 26, 2020) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    I'm gonna get this.
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  • too expensive
    Кристиан Арнаудов (Dec 16, 2020) on Gadgets 360
    I can buy a Toyota with this phone
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  • boycott Chinese
    VIjay Singh (Aug 7, 2020) on Gadgets 360
    Its chinese product
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  • An honest an Fair review after using it for a while.
    Abhijeet Anand (Aug 12, 2020) on Amazon
    After reading other reviews, I think most of the people here were looking for a flagship phone for a 28-30k price tag. For me, I've been upgrading my phone almost every couple of years and that too from flagship to flagship. I got Nord after 6T and there's a huge difference in both phones, I'll mention my pros and cons :-Pros-?OnePlus is a company that listens to it's customers, there were minor bugs in the software which were fixed in an update I got after using the phone for a week.?The Oxygen OS feels fast (compared to 6T) paired with 90hz display and Snd765G, people there are 4 memory channel instead of 2 which is usually the case in Snd845 and travelling speed varies due to that.?The phone looks and feel premium as promised, you wouldn't even feel the plastic body and unless you're super strong or a rough user, don't buy this phone. (Remember a time when almost every phone was made of plastic)?The display is a lot better than OP 6T even though on paper they've the same display the color density per ppi is higher in Nord (One of the underrated feature for OP 2020 phones)?The phone is made in India even though the company is Chinese it is still employing people in India and if you're not a target of 25% increased unemployment rate, lucky you.?The Software is as fresh as it can get and I can't already wait for November to get Always-on-Display and Android 11.Cons-?The camera is performing great but I'm sure it's not flagship performance, instead of complaining I can wait for updates and as you can see in pixel series, software of the camera matters too.?After a week of usage I feel the battery is same as the 6T but as mentioned above Android 11 would most probably fix that.That's it for me, I think most bad reviews here are unjustified and doesn't give the a fair review to the phone. People using MI or Poco or Vivo or whatever, I don't think there's any company that listens to it's customers like OnePlus does. (Even Samsung can't move Brisby button even though everyone hates it) Look online and look for OP ideas website, the company genuinely cares about it's customer unlike most companies. Here you're paying for an almost flagship experience and the company delivers it exceptionally well. Hope my Review was helpful and it helps you enjoy your new phone
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    • Raghav Goyal (Nov 21, 2020) on Gadgets 360
      no wonder why there are jobless people in india
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  • Nord pre booking
    Ashwini (Aug 5, 2020) on Amazon
    I had purchased OnePlus nord in pre booking from Amazon which had started from 28th july. All the features of the phone are very impressive, but the company should have given 1 ear phone with nord.
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  • OnePlus NORD detailed review.
    Abhishek (Aug 7, 2020) on Amazon
    So I pre ordered this phone on 28th of July and I got this on 3rd August.... Thank you Amazon for faster delivery ...I'm posting this review after using this phone after a bit ..I'm sub dividing this review in pros and cons .Pros-1. The design of the phone and overall build looks premium it is moulded in a way that it doesn't feel cheap aur even midrange by any means. If you want a quirky look then go for the blue marble .but trust me the gray version looks very elegent.2. The fluidity and smoothness of the oxygen can't go wrong in anyway. That bundled with Snapdragon 765g is even more good.3. The display on this device looks dope . Fluid amoled panel along with 90hz display just looks awesome. And trust you won't be able to tell the difference between 90hz refresh rate of this phone and the 120hz refresh rate of anyother ohone.4.Battery backup of this phone is also awesome you'll get a whole lot of day backup even if you're using the phone intensively at 90hz refresh rate.5. The cameras for this price range won't disappoint you , you'll get detailed photos with the primary lens'll get super cool ultrawide shots with the other lens .. let's wait for the cons part for other two cameras. The dual front selfi cameras does their job very effectively be it selfie aur groufie.6. As a cherry on the top OnePlus have promised 2 years of android update and 3 years Of security patch for this phone .7. This phone is future proof as you're getting 5g ready phone for this price.Cons.1. Don't buy this phone for only intensive gaming purpose as this have a 765g processor which will fall behind a bit behind 855 or 865.2. The cameras are good but not the best , the macro lens and depth sensors on the back are just useless in my Frank opinion.3. The frame of the phone is plastic , but trust me you won't notice this.Personal Opinion.Go for this phone you'll surely love it , according to me you should go for the 12gb ram and 256rom variant.If you find this review helpful please consider to like this review
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  • Good phone
    K Ajay (Aug 18, 2020) on Amazon
    Excellent phone in reasonable price.but front camera disappointed me.everything ok.
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  • One plus is just a bliss go for it
    RAJAT SURI (Aug 12, 2020) on Amazon
    Earlier I was using Samsung a51 but I was not happy with the device due to horrible camera qualitySo I purchased one plus nord I have seen many negative reviews about camera in Amazon but I didn't find any negative about camera .camera is much much better than Samsung a51 so I am very happy with cameraProns-1. one plus brand hand in feel is so awesome it looks so beautiful2.Oxyzon os Samsung is no where near3. I personally found camera best under 30000 far better than Samsung A51 which cost 250004. Display 90hz refresh rate, I compare nord display with Samsung a51 Samsung was just laughing stock5. Charger is so fast within 30 min it will charge 60%6. No tint issue I faced stillCons- 1-battery drains very fast2. 3.5mm jack should have been givenOnly 2 issue I found for me it's bestI read many review that camera is showing bullery photosI did not face this issue front camera is bestSo go for it one plus is one plus no one is near
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