For Honor

  • Ubisoft
  • Last Updated: 25th February 2024
7★ 18+
PS4 Xbox One Windows

For Honor Details

  • Release Date 14 February 2017
  • Publisher Ubisoft
  • Developer Ubisoft
  • Director Federico Russo
  • Producer Barbara Lombardi
  • Writer Jason Vandenberghe, Ariadne MacGillivray, Philippe-Antoine Ménard, Travis Stout
  • Composer Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans
  • Game Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
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  • DLC Yes
  • Always online Yes
For Honor System Requirements
  • Windows
osWindows 10 or higher
processorIntel Core i3-4150 3.5 GHz or AMD FX 4300 3.8 GHz
graphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 950 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 270
directxDirectX 9.0c
osWindows 10 or higher
processorIntel Core i5-7500 3.4 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.2 GHz
graphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 1080 3GB or AMD Radeon RX 580
directxDirectX 9.0c
OpenCritic Rating Rating 77/100
MetaCritic Rating Rating (Windows) 76/100
MetaCritic Rating Rating (PS4) 78/100
MetaCritic Rating Rating (Xbox One) 79/100

For Honor Review

By Akhil Arora (Feb 18, 2017)
  • Good
  • Surprisingly deep, and satisfying combat
  • Moment-to-moment gameplay is a highlight
  • Bad
  • Multiplayer grind is off-putting
  • Steel can be used to get ahead of other players

For Honor, like classic action-fighting games of its ilk, demands your fullest attention at all times. You need to be watchful yet aggressive, flexible yet precise, and calm yet adventurous. It's a delicate balancing act – one that takes time and skill to hone – and doesn't come easy. We've lost count of how many times focus has given way to panic, and we found our character beheaded, repeatedly stabbed, or with a broken back.

For Honor Trailer

  • For Honor For Honor

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110 reviews
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  • Great game at a great price.
    Jimmy Wong (Dec 6, 2020) on Amazon
    Great game at a great price. Arrived early.
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  • Amazing just make sure your Internet is on
    Mr. B. J. Shaw (Feb 15, 2017) on Amazon
    now what can I say other than just pure fun played both the story and campaign and couldn't get enough.The combat system is enjoyable and gives you the sense of reacting to the principles of sword play. The story is simple but something you keep playing as you want to know the reason for things being the way they are.The classes and characters you play have all thier own strengths and weaknesses against another class. It's all about learning to choose your moments when to strike and puts you in the sense of danger.The graphics are amazing as well as the frame rate but ubisoft are always on form with this in most of the games they produce. Movement from the characters are all based on class and are fluent physical obstructions such as if your too close to a wall or your opponent strikes will hit the wall leaving you to master the parry and find your way out.There are three races to choose from which are vikings, Knights and samurai all of which are fun to play but I must admit I do love the samurai. All have 4 classes to choose and all have unique ways of fighting. From the use of daggers all the way to broad swords and battle axes.There is one thing that I could Deem to be a flaw and that is the need have constant connection with the Internet. While this isn't a problem if you do have connection it begs the question if Playstation network was down then this game wouldn't I would give this 8/10 overall it would be a 9 but the constant Internet connection is what let's it down.
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  • Really nice game, I get mad when I die :). But it is looking like it can get too repetitive with time.
    Luiz Pimenta (Feb 15, 2017) on Amazon
    Really fun
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  • Amazing game
    Adil (Feb 15, 2017) on Amazon
    This game is really satisfying to play.It really captures the epic feel of melee showdowns. 1 v 1s are absolutely incredible. You can feel every clash and the fighting is really satisfying.This game is a fighting game and if you take the time to learn a character you will really enjoyBlocking, dodging , parrying and counter attacking.The graphics are amazing too and this game could live long if it is updated frequently.Overall this is a unique game which we haven't seen before , Melee combat done well
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  • Assassins creed and COD's love child
    Mr F. (Feb 14, 2017) on Amazon
    Going to try and be conprehensive here! For Honor is, it?s a brilliant fighting game. If assassin's Creed and Call of Duty had a love child this would be it! I was lucky to play the beta version and had great fun! I've been looking for game to play on weekends and occasionally evenings!Ultimately, it is a game of duels, with opponents circling each other, waiting for an opening where they can launch a barrage of savage sword swipes or maybe cleave some flesh off with an axe. Blocking and attacking, the foundations of these fights, are directional, so you can block or strike left, right or from above. Conveniently, there?s an indicator that shows the enemy?s directional position: white at rest, red when an attack is coming.Complicating matters are the rest of the moves ? parries, dodges, guard breaks, counters and special abilities that let you heal or put down traps. Perfecting their timing is hard enough in a relaxed tutorial, and even more challenging when you?re fighting a proper battle, surrounded by enemies. Yet it consistently feels satisfying, even when you manage to utterly mess things up. Every assault feels weighty and powerful, and the combatants largely react realistically, stumbling, staggering and the like when faced with an onslaught.Extreme aggression is encouraged, and you really want to efficiently dispatch your enemy before another foe shows up to throw a spanner in the works, but a stamina meter adds another wrinkle, forcing you to occasionally pull back and create some breathing room. When your stamina is drained, all the colour bleeds out of the world and your warrior?s breath becomes ragged. While you can still fight, your actions are so slow that you?re just asking for trouble. That?s when backing off or pushing an opponent away becomes imperative, while also providing a brief moment to reevaluate your tactics.During the beta, it?s been fun to simply get the measure of an opponent. Each class has its own style, some favouring speed, others preferring to kill quickly with heavy blows. Gear also makes a difference, as weapons and armour that you get as loot or purchase with the in-game currency, steel, all come with different stats.Love this game already and It?s everything I was hoping it would be - close combat minus the COD snipers and map-know-it-alls. I work long hours and unfortunately have got the abundance of time to be playing cod and knowing the ins and outs like i used to.I am however a bit concerned with rest of the rest of the game. The multiplayer modes are? not great. They feel like the bare minimum required for multiplayer, absent of any real invention. Take Dominion, for instance: a half-arsed MOBA facsimile in which two teams of four fight over imposing fortresses while hordes of NPCs duke it out over a central area. But unlike a MOBA, there are no towers or keeps, just three capture points that can be lost and reclaimed in a matter of seconds.The most disappointing thing about Dominion is that it doesn?t remotely attempt to have any fun with its premise. You?re trying to conquer or defend a fortress, but each side is doing exactly the same thing. There aren?t really defenders or attackers, and there?s certainly no siege mechanics.Smaller-scale conflicts are considerably more fun. Elimination removes capture points and NPCs, while also placing each player right opposite an opponent, ensuring that one-on-one duels start immediately. Sure, you?ll still get people running away to join their buddies in team battles, but most of the time that doesn?t happen. Everything good about Elimination, however, like all of the modes, is purely down to the combat.Despite my concerns, I?m still enjoying myself. A lot. I?ve been dressing up my main Samurai dude ? there?s plenty of customisation options ? and I must confess that I forget about most of my worries whenever I find myself in a desperate dance of death with a wily opponent. I just pray that Ubisoft sort out the game?s matchmaking, which during the beta has generally been poor. We?ll see soon.
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