Notre-Dame On Fire
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Notre-Dame On Fire

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Duration 1h 52min

Notre-Dame On Fire: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

  • Release Date 24 June 2022
  • Language French
  • Genre Drama, History
  • Duration 1h 52min
  • Cast
    Samuel Labarthefr, Jean-Paul Bordesfr, Mikaël Chirinianfr, Jérémie Laheurtefr, Maximilien Seweryn, Dimitri Storogefr, Xavier Malyfr, Chloé Jouannet, Pierre Lottinfr, Jules Sadoughifr, Vassili Schneider, Ava Baya, Nathan Gruffy, Sébastien Lalannefr, Bernard Gabayfr, Oumar Diolo, Antonythasan Jesuthasan, Élodie Navarre, Chloé Chevallier, Tony Le Bacqfr, Miguel Facchianofr, Pascal Rénéricfr, Anne Hidalgo
  • Director
    Jean-Jacques Annaud
  • Writer
    Jean-Jacques Annaud, Thomas Bidegain
  • Cinematography Jean-Marie Dreujou
  • Music Simon Franglen
  • Producer
    Jérôme Seydoux, Ardavan Safaee
  • Production
    Pathé Films, TF1 Films Production, Vendôme Production
  • Certificate U

About Notre-Dame On Fire Movie (2022)

The world gasped in horror when the UNESCO world heritage site, Notre-Dame de Paris, caught fire on April 15, 2019, setting ablaze centuries old artworks, architecture, and artefacts.

This film is a recreation of the disastrous accident, with a special focus on how a line of brave men and women put their lives at risk to save the Catholic cathedral.

It also touches upon the challenge of transporting the rescue equipment and personnel through the rush-traffic hours of Paris, as well as the challenges that stemmed from the delay in alerting emergency services.

The film also includes archival footage of the tragic incident, some of which has been collected by the general public.

Notre-Dame On Fire Movie Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Songs and Ratings

Notre-Dame On Fire Movie Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Songs and Ratings

Rating Rating 6.5/10
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Notre-Dame On Fire Movie Trailer

Notre-Dame On Fire Movie Songs

1. A Paris Morning Simon Franglen 2:19
2. The Workmen Arrive Simon Franglen 1:47
3. 850 Years Simon Franglen 1:33
4. Through the Roof Simon Franglen 2:08
5. False Alarm Simon Franglen 1:24
6. The Fire Starts Simon Franglen 00:54
7. The Drone Squad Simon Franglen 2:29
8. Les pompiers Simon Franglen 4:32
9. The Fire Grows Simon Franglen 00:50
10. Water Pressure Simon Franglen 3:42
11. The Architect Simon Franglen 3:35
12. Rain of Fire Simon Franglen 3:42
13. Crown of Thorns Simon Franglen 2:32
14. The Steeple Falls Simon Franglen 2:04
15. Above and Below Simon Franglen 3:42
16. The President Arrives Simon Franglen 3:00
17. Finding the Keys Simon Franglen 2:26
18. I Forgot the Code Simon Franglen 3:55
19. Opening the Safe Simon Franglen 3:17
20. I Need Volunteers Simon Franglen 4:15
21. Entering the Belfry Simon Franglen 3:45
22. Hanging on for Dear Life Simon Franglen 1:12
23. Amazing Grace Simon Franglen 2:54
24. Back into Hell Simon Franglen 2:52
25. The Fire Is Out Simon Franglen 4:10
26. End Titles Simon Franglen 4:00
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